Stat Game

Application (Web) / Design (Logo, UI, Character)

Research Project with Hiroki OURA (Tokyo Institute of Technology) and Wakako FUSHIKIDA (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Special Thanks: Ai Banno (Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences), Kenta Kurohiji

[Related Research]

  • 伏木田稚子, 大浦弘樹, 吉川遼 (2019) 統計ゲームによる認識的準備活動を取り入れた反転授業の実践と評価. 大学教育学会第41回大会発表要旨集録, 82-83:玉川大学.
  • Wakako Fushikida, Hiroki Oura, and Ryo Yoshikawa (2019) Effects of Epistemic Preparative Activities on Students. the 13th International Conference on e-Learning 2019, in press.