Ludix Labロゴ

ludix lab banner

Ludix Lab

NPO法人 Educe Technologies 2013





  • 祭りのような誰もが楽しめる熱気の輪
  • ゲームの楽しさを生み出しているルールの輪
  • 研究会というコミュニティの輪


中央と右上のL字の図形は研究会名の”Ludix Lab”の2つのLを象ったものであると同時に,先の3つの「輪」に周縁から中央へと参加していく様子を表す矢印―ベクトルとしても機能している.


Designing logo and banner

Designed logo of a research unit which was established to promote research, development and practice of game and learning.

It will remind the image which games have such like fun or exciting.

The center circle means three “circles” based on a theory called “magic circle” from game design field,

  • a circle in which everyone can enjoy games enthusiastically
  • a circle which makes rules of games to produce fun
  • a circle which means community of this research unit

These two “L” shapes came from the name of this research unit, “Ludix Lab”.

By putting them on a circle, it reminds a characteristic of games, which means “although it separates the field from others, it’s still connected with other fields” and “everyone can join beyond fields easily”.

These “L” shapes also work as arrows from outside of a circle.

By using two different orange colors and make inside shape’s color stronger, it shows an increasing of learning and exciting by committing.