2013 PC Conference




2013 PCカンファレンス

CIEC, 全国大学生活協同組合連合会 2013



ポスターの濃赤は,変化の激しい昨今の社会において「教育を変えていこう」とする学会の方向性を示している.テーマは中央に縦書きで配 置することでメッセージ性を強め,見る人に大会の意図をより訴えかけることを狙いとした.背後の英字”PC Conference”のCを重ねることで学習における協調(Collaboration)を表している.

CIEC(Community for Innovation of Education and learning through Computers and communication networks) conference

2013 PC Conference

CIEC and National Federation of University Co-operative Associations, 2013

Design a poster for announcing conference and a CD label of proceedings

Because various researchers such as not only students and professor, but also workers from every field come to this conference, there should be room for them to have an image about this conference as diverse meeting in this poster. To keep this room, information was reduced as much as possible.

This background color, dark red means vector of this conference which is going to “innovate in education” in this unstable and moving society.

These overlapped “C” shows a meaning of “collaboration” in a field of learning.